Ted needs al lof his supporters to get behind him with prayers

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tedOur email after SC tonight. NOW more than ever Ted needs al lof his supporters to get behind him with prayers, money and the belief of a better tomorrow! GOD bless! John N Katie, Before I board a plane for Nevada, the next nominating contest, I’m stopping to personally reach out to you. Tonight, we saw Republicans uniting around our shared conservative message. The only message that will ultimately defeat the Democrats this fall. The pundits are now calling this a three person race. That’s why, before I take off — I need to know you are still with me. John N Katie, can I still count on you? You see: after fighting hard in Iowa, New Hampshire, and now South Carolina — I’ve dug deep into my campaign budget. I’ve just been told I must raise another $1 million dollars in the next 48 hours in order to be able to take on the Washington Establishment in the Nevada Caucuses and the Super Tuesday primaries. I know it’s a lot to ask for your help again, but I also know it’s the only way. I am only here today because of you, and I can only compete tomorrow if you continue with me. John N Katie, this is our time. After everything the Washington Cartel has thrown at us and the millions spent against us by the lobbyists and my opponents, we are just getting started on the road to winning the nomination. Will you continue your support tonight? Right now, I’m making you a promise, John N Katie. No matter what the Washington Cartel and the liberal media throws at me, I will always be a consistent conservative — both in word and deed. You will never have to worry about me caving to the Washington Establishment, and I will work as hard as I can to win this campaign and reignite liberty in our nation. If you accept this promise, then I’m hoping you will make a commitment to me as well. Will you commit to support my campaign? $1 million in the next 48 hours is going to be hard — but if you chip in to help tonight — I know we get there. I’M WITH YOU TED Thank you and God bless, Ted Cruz

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