Great bedding alternatives for your pet snake

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Snakes make great pets as long as you choose a reasonable kind for your experience level and of course, a healthy snake. Your snake needs a cage that is both a proper size and is made out of the appropriate material that does not cause harm to the snake. The cage should also have a proper lid.

There are a few unique kinds of substrate you can use in the cage to build a bed for the snake.


Paper is the most preferred kind used since it can be found anywhere. You can easily change it when the snake soils it and you can get it for free. A snake can easily burrow in paper so it is not ideal for species that burrow naturally. Since it is not a sort of decorative substrate, it works well if you’re on a budget.

Paper Towels

Like paper, paper towels make great snake bedding since they’re retentive and simple to get rid of when ruined. All you have to do it take them away when soiled and replace with a fresh pair. They’re most appropriate for snakes that don’t burrow naturally.


Sand is a more tastefully satisfying substrate for snakes when compared to paper towels and newspaper. The only downside about this is that snakes can burrow in sand and can be bad for the snake if ingested. Ingested sand causes impaction and grains of sand can get under the snake’s scales. This bedding likewise gets dirty easily and must be totally replaced from time to time. Before choosing this kind of substrate for your snake, be sure it is the best alternative.


Carpeting is a reasonable substrate for non-burrowing snakes. It’s modest in the event that you can use leftovers, however, you’ll require at least two bits of an appropriate size to fit in the cage. One piece can remain in the pen while you wash the other. Carpeting gets dirty easily so be prepared to wash them a lot.

Artificial Turf

Like carpeting, artificial turf functions admirably if you save several pieces that you can place in the snake’s cage while you clean the soiled one. Cleaning this type of material is relatively easy. It’s likewise tough and can last for a period of time, though its appearance starts to fade away after several washes.

This material looks so much like the snake’s natural habitat and it is also great because snakes cannot burrow in it. Get a huge piece at an interior beautifying store and chop it down into sizes that can fit into your snake’s cage.

Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch is also a suitable substrate for snakes. They can dig around in the mulch and it holds dampness very well. It is alluring and has a lovely but not overpowering smell. This mulch is modest and can easily be gotten anywhere. You don’t have to take it out entirely when cleaning out the cage.


Before using the mulch in the snake’s cage, be sure to bake for 30 minutes first. This helps eliminate all the insects and mites that may have crawled into the substrate.


Aspen Shavings


Although pine and cedar shavings may not be appropriate for snakes, aspen shavings are quite great and get the job done. They are also great for cages where small snakes will be kept. They are also used for snakes that do not require high humidity. Due to too much moisture, the shavings may get moldy and particles can get under a bigger snake’s scales on its gut, which causes irritation.

Coconut Fiber Bedding

Coconut fiber bedding is a great and delicate fiber bedding for snakes and other sorts of reptiles. It has a natural smell battling properties, and it’s a “green” substance that allows snakes to burrow as much as they want.

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