3 lovely books about ball pythons

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The ball python (royal python) is a decent snake for a first-time snake owner. Growing to be up to 3-5 feet, ball pythons are not as huge the same number of the other constricting snakes that are kept as pets and are very submissive and easy to care for. There are not a lot of ongoing books about ball pythons but these 3 listed here are beneficial choices Best Snake Bite Kit for any python owner.

Best Overall: The Ball Python Manual

This 76-page softcover book (by Philippe De Vosjoli, Roger Klingenberg, Tracy Barker, and David Barker) is considered by numerous individuals to be the best ball python reference available. A few amateurs may discover it contains all the fundamentals and also it has definite data on further developed husbandry topics as well as treatments and problems.

Best General Resource: Pythons: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual

A softcover book in the Barron’s “Finished Pet Owner’s Manual” series, by Patricia Pope Bartlett, Ernie Wagner, and R. Pinney. This book is about pythons all in all, with just a concise area explicit to the ball pythons. In any case, there is sufficient general information on husbandry that numerous python owners will discover it a valuable asset.

Best Visual Guides: The Guide to Owning a Ball Python

This softcover book by John Coborn has strong photos however isn’t as far reaching in the content. For the most part, it is regarded as an alternative decision but also a great compliment to “The Ball Python Manual.”


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Kinds of ball python lighting

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Whenever it comes to snake lights, people have always had different opinions. In the past, we utilized a similar lighting set-up for snakes as we did different reptiles, but right now, we know a few sorts of lighting components are not ideal for some sorts of pet snakes, including ball pythons.

UVB Lighting and Ball Pythons

Except for some phenomenal pet snakes, a lot of them does not require UVB lighting. Will it hurt? No, and it might likewise increase their movement or coloration, however, ball pythons and most other pet snakes can be fit as a fiddle without the aid of UVB lighting. If you still prefer to use UVB lighting, ensure the bulb is around 10-12 inches from your snake and change it out at regular intervals, even if it still gives you the impression that it works. UVB is an undetectable spectrum of light and will lapse before the visible spectrum runs out. In this manner, the bulbs don’t normally last longer than a half year except if the packaging states that further tests have been done to prove otherwise. Use a Best Snake Proof Pants, nothing too danger

Ball Pythons and Heat Lights

Contingent upon your home temperature, you might possibly require heat lights to keep up the temperatures inside your ball python’s cage. Ball pythons need a basking spot of around 90 degrees and a surrounding temperature as low as 80’s. You ought to have a thermometer on each tank so you can constantly monitor the thermal gradient. Some family unit lights will produce enough heat to warm a tank, but in the case of a bigger tank, you need to get heat lights.

Many snake owners utilize under tank warming [ads to keep the tank warm but with this method, it is impossible to monitor the temperature of the pads. Heat lights offer an ideal natural day/night cycle for your pet snake as opposed to heating pads. You can have two separate heat lights to be used day and night at a 12-hour cycle. Use the “night-glo” or nocturnal red light at night and the daylight heat light during the day. This will recreate a natural day/night cycle and prevent your snake from getting stressed.

Incandescent heat bulbs are available in an assortment of wattages to allow you choose which is appropriate for the temperature that you need. A smaller tank would require a smaller wattage and vice versa. It would be absolutely unnecessary to put a ball python in a 10-gallon tank with a 150-watt knob. That will result in too much heat in the cage. Make sure you place the heat bulbs in a heat lamp with porcelain or ceramic socket, not only a work light from the garage, and utilize a safe metal mesh screen top to secure the cage properly. This way, you can prevent your snake from escaping and burning himself on the hot lights.

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Top 3 hot tub handrails

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Getting in and out of a hot tub can be an unsafe undertaking particularly for older individuals. The wet surface combined with the tallness can prompt mishaps and wounds. Handrails offer help which helps facilitate the assistance toward entering and leaving a  BEST HOT TUB HANDRAILS and is an amazingly valuable apparatus for grown-ups, kids and disabled folks.
With such a large number of alternatives and decisions out there, choosing the correct handrails and one for the best bargain can be overpowering. This review highlights the possible best 3 handrails most suited for your hot tub or spa.

1. CoverMate 7930 Spa Side Handrail with Base

• Ideal for spas that are up to 40′ inches tall
• The handle can pivot 360 degrees
• Assembly and installation is pretty easy
• Reliable provider – Amazon’s Choice
• LED light and smooth plan
• Locking feature enables the handle to be settled in the best position
• Competitively valued
• Fast delivery and great client benefit
• Descriptive instruction guide is not the best around
• No insulation on the handrail
The CoverMate handrail is among the best with regards to usefulness and comfort. The installation process is straightforward and requires the base to be slid underneath the hot tub and basically screwed in place.
The slide-under installation gives the CoverMate an incredible stability and it is as a result of its rock solid development and strong design that can withstand even the most terrible of nature’s elements.

2. Guardian Better Hot Tub Handrail – Spa Side Safety Rail with Slide-under Mounting Base

• Durable rock solid steel development
• Corrosion and rust proof
• Easy to assemble and install
• Swivels and secures 4 unique positions
• Functional and viable design
• Extremely tough with practically zero wobble
• Ideal for hot tubs up to 41.5 inches tall
• Does not have protection on handles
In the event that you are in the market for something that is very strong and can undoubtedly bolster the heaviness of a grown adult with no wobble or shake, then the Guardian handrail may very well be the perfect answer for your hot tub needs. Its strong steel development combined with a rotating handle makes for a dependable and safe investment.

3. Cheerful Stuff Spa Escort Side Swiveling Handrail and Towel Bar

• Couples as a towel bar on account of its one of a kind structure and shape
• Easy side-mounting installation
• Heavy-duty construction
• Corrosion resistant and rust-proof
• Made for toughness and comfort
• Insulated handles
• Only takes into consideration 180-degree rotation
• A bit on the costly side
Side-mounting handrails frequently look more stylishly satisfying than the ones that slide-under handrails. They can be situated and installed as you so desire and takes into account a stable and safe platform for you to enter and leave your hot tub.
Aside from its smooth structure, the Carefree handrail is likewise useful and viable. Its interesting shapes encompasses a towel bar that is a profoundly helpful feature as not having a towel around you while leaving a hot tub can be very awkward.

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Great bedding alternatives for your pet snake

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Snakes make great pets as long as you choose a reasonable kind for your experience level and of course, a healthy snake. Your snake needs a cage that is both a proper size and is made out of the appropriate material that does not cause harm to the snake. The cage should also have a proper lid.

There are a few unique kinds of substrate you can use in the cage to build a bed for the snake.


Paper is the most preferred kind used since it can be found anywhere. You can easily change it when the snake soils it and you can get it for free. A snake can easily burrow in paper so it is not ideal for species that burrow naturally. Since it is not a sort of decorative substrate, it works well if you’re on a budget.

Paper Towels

Like paper, paper towels make great snake bedding since they’re retentive and simple to get rid of when ruined. All you have to do it take them away when soiled and replace with a fresh pair. They’re most appropriate for snakes that don’t burrow naturally.


Sand is a more tastefully satisfying substrate for snakes when compared to paper towels and newspaper. The only downside about this is that snakes can burrow in sand and can be bad for the snake if ingested. Ingested sand causes impaction and grains of sand can get under the snake’s scales. This bedding likewise gets dirty easily and must be totally replaced from time to time. Before choosing this kind of substrate for your snake, be sure it is the best alternative.


Carpeting is a reasonable substrate for non-burrowing snakes. It’s modest in the event that you can use leftovers, however, you’ll require at least two bits of an appropriate size to fit in the cage. One piece can remain in the pen while you wash the other. Carpeting gets dirty easily so be prepared to wash them a lot.

Artificial Turf

Like carpeting, artificial turf functions admirably if you save several pieces that you can place in the snake’s cage while you clean the soiled one. Cleaning this type of material is relatively easy. It’s likewise tough and can last for a period of time, though its appearance starts to fade away after several washes.

This material looks so much like the snake’s natural habitat and it is also great because snakes cannot burrow in it. Get a huge piece at an interior beautifying store and chop it down into sizes that can fit into your snake’s cage.

Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch is also a suitable substrate for snakes. They can dig around in the mulch and it holds dampness very well. It is alluring and has a lovely but not overpowering smell. This mulch is modest and can easily be gotten anywhere. You don’t have to take it out entirely when cleaning out the cage.


Before using the mulch in the snake’s cage, be sure to bake for 30 minutes first. This helps eliminate all the insects and mites that may have crawled into the substrate.


Aspen Shavings


Although pine and cedar shavings may not be appropriate for snakes, aspen shavings are quite great and get the job done. They are also great for cages where small snakes will be kept. They are also used for snakes that do not require high humidity. Due to too much moisture, the shavings may get moldy and particles can get under a bigger snake’s scales on its gut, which causes irritation.

Coconut Fiber Bedding

Coconut fiber bedding is a great and delicate fiber bedding for snakes and other sorts of reptiles. It has a natural smell battling properties, and it’s a “green” substance that allows snakes to burrow as much as they want.

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